Theses and Dissertations Supervised

I have chaired 60 masters thesis committees and three Ph.D. dissertation committees.  

Dr. Stephen Riter
A Coded Communications System
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of Texas at El Paso
Dr. Alonzo Adkins
An Investigation of High Order Phase Lock Loops
Professor Emeritus of Amarillo College
Dr. Fred Yeatts
Signal Parameter Estimation by the Method of Moments
Founded Sencom, Inc. and operated it for 20 years until selling the company to Titan. http//

Masters Theses
Year    Student                     Title
1966    L. C. Puigjaner        Analytical Signals and Zero-Locus in Multiplexing Systems
1967    B. H. Batson           Signal Design for Space Communication Systems
1967    S. Riter                   An Optimum Multiplexing System for Space Communications
1968    C. T. Dawson         A Relay Satellite
1968    M. A. Smither        Data Compression Techniques for Space Telemetry
1968    G. Stephenson, Jr.  A Satellite Communications System
1969    W. L. Hon            The Noise Performance of a Squaring Loop PSK Demodulator
1969    J. L. Mathis           Digital Simulations of Filters
1969    R. A. Newkirk       Digital Simulations of Optimum Filters and Predictors
1969    M. J. Ryan            Modeling of Operational Amplifiers
1970    J. M. Hall              Digital Simulation of Phase Modulation Distortion
1972    N. S. Abboud       Design of Card Reader Interface
1972    P. J. Gerstle          Optimum Filters for FM
1972    A. F. Neel II         Computer Simulation of Voice Telephone Cables
1972    P. W. Watkins      Calculation of FM Distortion
1973    R. A. Burckle        An Optical Currency Reader
1973    N. X. Dieu            Optimum Filters for FM Using Medhurst's Expression
1973    W. T. Hurley        An Improved FM Distortion Test Set
1973    J. L. Jamison        An Ultrasonic ID Device
1973    G. L. Mallaley      On-Off Keying Teletype Multiplexer
1974    D. E. Gregg          Generator Synchronization by Phase Lock Loop
1974    L. J. Yount           Optimum Filters for FM Receivers
1975    D. G. Barnhart      Computer Model of Large Electrical Energy Systems
1975    S. H. Palmer         Full Duplex Synchronous Communications for RBTs
1975    S. A. Renaud        Filtering in FM Systems
1975    T. W. Ringle         A 1402 Controller and Card Buffer
1976    C. D. Lampkin      An Analysis of FASP II
1976    R. A. Miller           A Universal JCL
1976    K. A. Presley        A Chess Automation:  An Example of Artificial Intelligence
1977    R. A. McLain        TIROS-N Data Collection System
1978    F. W. Isen            An Electronic Music Synthesizer
1978    D. Spears            Architecture of Multipurpose Monitor/Control System
1979    Z. Aboul-Hosen    A Microcomputer Payroll System
1979    D. J. Putnam        An Integrated Optical Computer
1979    M. Mollaghasemi  Ceramic Filters for FM Receivers
1980    L. Porooshani       A Computer Based Library Acquisition System
1980    H. Pham                Comparison of FM Distortion Calculation Methods
1980    M. Boualiyan        An Arabic Computer Terminal
1980    S. Grimes            Multiprocessing and Networking Arrangement (MANTRA)
1981    J. McCoy            A Front End Processor
1981    R. Kessinger        A 6801-Based Concentrator
1981    R. Harris              MANTRA Computer Network Hardware
1981    T. Bruenderman   Computer Performance Evaluation
1981    P. Roerk              A Microcomputer Control System
1982    J. Koshi               An LSI-II Local Computer Network
1982    A. Sodeifi            A Wide Range Phase Detector
1982    R. Haragan          A Microcomputer-Based Demodulator
1982    H. Ranjbar           A Microcomputer-Based Modulator
1982    M. Gehlhausen     A Fiber Optic Communication Link
1982    J. Sasse                Satellite Software Analysis
1982    G. McClure          Computers for Satellites
1982    T. Tallaat              LAN Controller
1982    G. Geiger              SPSS Analysis and GPSS Simulation of the NASA Network Control Center
1982    G. Darnley            Measurement and Reduction of Performance Data from the NASA/NCC
1983    A. Long                Modeling of the NASA NCC
1983    K. Goodin            Enhancement of the Tektronix 8002 Microprocessor Development System
1983    S. Moosavi           Design of a Local Computer Network
1983    A. Shah                Testing for PMS
1983    W. Shive               PMS Software Engineering & Design
1983    L. Drake               Implementation of PMS